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What advantages does Aeos have over a traditional flash/strobe for photography?

Aeos offers a number of advantages over a traditional strobe. Firstly, as a continuous light Aeos allows you to ‘shoot what you see’, compose your model and shadows/highlights on your model exactly as you want them, and to easily adjust exposure settings on your camera. Unlike a strobe, Aeos can also be used for video (eliminating the need for a separate purchase if you do both) and indeed has a number of great additional features like designer fades to finish an interview and special FX for film making also. For photography Aeos offers some incredible advantages over traditional strobe – it is High speed sync capable(1/800th) and literally has NO recycle time unlike every other strobe meaning you can ‘freeze action’ and never miss a shot, can be used for both photo and video. Aeos is also the first strobe in the world that can change the colour of the strobe, electronically – this allows you to achieve the exact skin tone you want on the model, and/or to match to your ambient lighting conditions (i.e. a beautiful sunset – you want a warmer light, rather than just a bright white light from a strobe which kills that beautiful ambient light).  It is also super portable and lightweight, which can be a real bonus on a shoot.  One major advantage is also battery life – a typical strobe will last somewhere between 250-400 full power flashes before the battery pack is empty. Aeos is incredibly efficient on power and can do 150,000 (!) full power flashes before the (optional) Rotolight RL-95-BATT is empty. That means you can do an entire shoot on a single battery, and can save money on buying multiple spare batteries, and carry less gear with you on shoot.  Finally, Aeos is considerably  lighter and more portable than conventional strobe and the countless modifiers required, Aeos weighs  just 1.4kg (<3 pounds)  which makes it great for location shooting where portability is key.