The Ultimate Location Light

Designed for imagemakers on the move, this ultra-portable light gives creatives the benefits of a flicker-free continuous light alongside the added power of High Speed Sync flash when you need it.

Weighs just 1.4kg (3lb) at 1 inch thick
Integrated handles for easy transport and set up
Adjustable colour temp from 3150-6300K
All-in-one HSS flash and continuous LED
Never miss a shot with zero recycle time and up to 250% flash power

Portability Built-In

Weighing in at just 1.4kg (3lb)* and just one inch thick, AEOS is the perfect companion on location, and its integrated aluminium handles allow you to seamlessly follow a moving subject.

As one of the most portable lights in its class, AEOS allows you to take a powerful LED light to locations and remote environments, enabling users to achieve shots not otherwise possible.

Lighting You Can Rely On

Shoot for hours thanks to the AEOS’ incredible energy efficiency. With a runtime of up to two and a half hours or 80,000 shots at full power on a single battery, the AEOS will never let you down.

Unlike traditional, power-hungry tungsten lights, the AEOS runs entirely cool no matter how long you’re shooting for.

AEOS is one of the most versatile and enjoyable lights we have ever used

Amateur Photographer Magazine

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Masters of Light use AEOS to illuminate..

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