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The Rotolight AEOS has been awarded the ‘Best LED’ award in the lighting category of Digital Photo’s Editor’s Choice 2017. Launched in May earlier this year, the AEOS has already been commended by numerous photographers and videographers alike.

Digital Photo, the American publication,  share expert gear reviews for passionate photographers. After an intensive review of AEOS, the editors at Digital Photo decided to award the unit ‘Best LED’ in their annual Editors’ Choice awards!

Digital Photo editors’ commented on the fast progression of the LED industry; “A few years ago, you couldn’t even find a LED light that was powerful enough to replace a traditional household light bulb, and now there are LED systems lighting everything from photo shoots to concerts in stadiums. Almost overnight we saw a sea change in lighting and a flood of new LED products for photography. At first, these LED lights were variations on systems used for video—bright panels without a lot of control over the intensity or direction of the light—but now we’re getting tools that are designed with the photographer in mind. We predict that this new lighting category will overtake studio strobes in the years to come, thanks to the versatility of the technology, the portability of the solutions and the fact that continuous lighting is so easy to set up and can be adjusted and modified with the results immediately visible. This year, we picked the LED systems that are leading the way, offering photographers a variety of features to enhance any shoot.”

The Editors’ Choice award is yet another positive accolade for the Rotolight AEOS. Tim Coleman at The Photography Blog also recently shared his thoughts on the revolutionary unit, stating “where the Rotolight AEOS shines is as a continuous LED light. The colour reproduction is flawless, the CineSFX are a nice touch and the output is nice and bright for close-up subjects”

Amateur Photographer also commented that “the flexibility, portability and capability of the Rotolight AEOS makes it one of the handiest pieces of location lighting on the market.” Read more of their review below.

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