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The Anova PRO 2 nominated for THREE awards in the Pro Moviemaker Gear of the Year awards 2018!

We’re overjoyed to announce that we’ve been shortlisted for another three awards, this time from Pro Moviemaker!

Nominated for Best Light Panel, Best Lighting Innovation and Product Launch of the Year – all decided by your votes – the Anova PRO 2 is our revolutionary studio/ location light that has redefined the standard for professional LED lighting.

Unveiled with the help of London’s first fully 4K TV studio, Celebro, the Anova PRO 2 was revealed to the world during a specialist news broadcast, hosted by renowned Sky News presenter, Martin Stanford. Streamed live on Facebook and YouTube, the launch saw Emmy award-winning director Jonathan Jones demonstrate the value of the unit’s built-in CineSFXTM suite and CEO of Celebro Media, Wesley Dodd, explain the benefits of the unit’s new RJ45 connection for more efficient DMX control in studio. Since then it has become the light of choice in Celebro’s own studios in London and Washington, hosting some of the biggest names in broadcast like the BBC and MTV. “It’s a very dynamic light, it’s very quick to use and allows us to light up a scene or set for our clients in such a short period of time that we just wouldn’t be able to with traditional lights.”

Delivering an outstanding 10,700 lux at three feet whilst drawing just 72W, presenting the best power to consumption ratio in the industry, the Anova PRO 2 was favoured by ITV’s Dancing on Ice show. Used to create their glamour shots, the Anova PRO 2’s unique design and industry-first CineSFXTM underpinned the show’s new, more dramatic look after their four-year hiatus. “We used the Anova PRO 2s to create a number of effects, like firelight or paparazzi and quickly switch between them and the continuous light with just a flick of a button. That gave us the edge over other TV shows and provided the cherry on the cake for the glamour shots,” says DoP, Chris Yacoubian, who designed the set. “They were flashing and pulsing the whole time, whilst hardly drawing any power.”

Offering a powerful High Speed Sync flash with zero recycle time alongside its continuous output, the Anova PRO 2 is perfect for creating promotional stills as well as video; approved by Phantom Cameras as being entirely flicker-free at any frame rate.

Vote over on Pro Moviemaker’s website here at questions 13, 15 and 30.

Want to help us out some more? The Anova PRO 2 has also been nominated for Best Continuous Light by Photography News alongside the NEO 2 as Best On-Camera Flash! Head over to their website to vote for us on questions 17 and 20.

Find out why Celebro use the Anova PRO 2 as their light of choice below!