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Anova lights TV royalty at London’s first fully 4K studio!


Just months after opening its doors Celebro Studios are reporting brisk business – driven by the innovative technology they have on offer. So far one of the biggest draw is the studios ability to produce end-to-end 4K content. Head of the Studio, Wesley Dodd said:


‘The option of recording in 4K is proving very popular -even for those who won’t be transmitting in 4K. So many commercial DOP’s are now familiar with 4k form camera like the Alexa and RED that they are prefer to shoot a nice big image that can be played with and conformed later’.

Recently the studio have also trialled a new 4K streaming technology. Streambox has been providing broadcast links over IP for many years but have recently launched a 4K product. Wesley says the interest was huge.

“We held an open day recently to show-off the Streambox technology – all the UK’s biggest broadcasters came along and were amazed that could transmit a 4K signal down our regular internet connection – sending and receiving a feed from Seattle”

But by far the biggest attention grabber is Celebro’s enormous Rotolight ANOVA grid, With an impressive 15 Rotolights mounted to a adjustable ceiling grid (and more on the way) – clients can choose a wide range of lighting effects from full daylight to Tungsten

“Many of our clients are seeing the lights for the first time – and the moment they switch them on – they understand what an amazing light quality they produce. Last week we had a big commercial shoot with Stephen Fry and although the DOP intended to use hard lights to achieve the look – he ended up using all 15 lights in a bank”
Wesley Dodd @ Celebro Studios