Brand Advocate: Darryl Wilson Photography

Self taught photographer & Artist, Darryl Wilson, first started taking pictures at car shows using nothing but a simple point and shoot camera. After soon realising he had not only the bug, but also the eye for photography, Darryl bought his first DSLR. “I decided to purchase a friends DSLR to progress and learn”. Explains Darryl. “I taught myself everything thanks to YouTube and a lot of practice


Now, a strong advocate for Sony, using a Sony A7Rii, A7ii and Sony A6000 Darryl’s main focus is on portrait photography, which can be seen in publications such as Elegant Magazine, Performance Audio & Sound and the cover or this months’ Prolific Quarterly, but to name a few.


He first came across Rotolight whilst watching Jason Lanier video’s on YouTube. “I generally use off camera flashes and strobes, such as the Phottix Mitros and Baja B4” says Darryl… “…the thing I love about continuous lighting is the fact that what you see is what you get in camera without the guess work of flash exposure”

Behind the Scenes

“I love the Rotolight NEO as there’s so much that I can do with it in regard to photography and video.“ he continues “it’s very well designed and just feels right…I found it very easy to use and am very happy with the results.”.

Nicole Erickson

To see more work from Darryl Wilson, visit his website or Facebook page.