Master of Light, Peter Muller, using the Rotolight NEO 2

Camera Jabber praises the NEO 2 as “easier to work with” than a traditional flashgun

After extensively testing the NEO 2 in her own work, Angela Nicholson’s most recent review for Camera Jabber notes the portability and the functionality it offers hybrid shooters.

Rotolight’s compact on-camera LED, the NEO 2 is a flexible creative tool for photographers and videographers; offering both a continuous output of 2000 lux at three feet and High Speed Sync flash (up to 1/8000th) capability that offers up to 500% more power. The NEO 2 was the first on-camera, bi-colour LED to offer an output that is fully tuneable from 3150-6300K in both Flash and Continuous modes. “I’ve mainly used the NEO 2 in Continuous mode, either for shooting product images or video,” says Angela, who has been using the NEO 2 for product photography and video for some time now. “It’s great for lifting a video, adding light to gloomy areas for example or putting a bit of sparkle in the subject’s eyes.”

 Easily mountable on or off camera, the NEO 2 is compact and lightweight; able to fit into even the most awkward spaces. “I sometimes use quite a long exposure, say a second or two and then move the light while the shutter is open,” Angela says. “The NEO 2 lends itself to this very well and it means that you can soften shadows in deep recesses or reduce the harshness of a highlight. It can also add a bit of movement to a stationary scene in a video.”

 Winning Photography News’ 2018 award for innovation, the NEO 2 offers a number of industry-first tools for shooters, including a customisable suite of lighting effects for use by videographers: CineSFXTM. These built-in effects allow you to simulate lightning, fire, gunshots and more without the need for flicker-boxes; giving you the freedom to unleash spur of the moment creativity on set.

The ‘shoot what you see’ benefits of the NEO 2’s continuous output pairs perfectly with the live-view-enabled electronic viewfinders on mirrorless cameras, enabling users to preview how the light will fall and what the final result will look like before they even take the shot. Paired with outstanding colour accuracy and flattering skin tones (CRI 96, TLCI 91), shooters are easily able to get the results they want first time with minimal time spent in post-production.
“The Rotolight NEO 2 is convenient and easy to use; its colour accuracy [and brightness] is good and you don’t find it drifting during a shoot,” Angela concludes. “The NEO 2 is versatile, and continuous light is easier to work with.”