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What is the difference between the Anova PRO and the Aeos?

The primary difference essentially is that Aeos is a ultra portable location LED light, ideal for portrait, location and event photography as well as smaller scale video productions and interviews. Anova PRO is an extremely high quality professional light source, ideal particularly for studio applications, portrait/ fashion photography and larger scale video productions. In general […]

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What is the watt equivalent of AEOS?

The comparison to watt seconds is a little challenging for LED as a ‘watt’ is actually a measure of how much power something consumes, rather that how bright it is. LED is 96% more energy efficient than a typical flash bulb so the wattage Aeos consumes is very low (42 Watts), yet it is still […]

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Does the Aeos come with a battery?

We do include a power supply so you can run Aeos from mains power, but no a  battery is not included (this is an LED industry standard), but it is a V mount so you don’t have to buy our battery(although we do make a nice one, available here : Do bear in mind that one […]

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