Celebrations’ as Rotolight NEO is Crowned Photography News Awards’ Best Continuous Light of 2015

Rotolight are delighted to announce that the NEO TM, has been awarded the Photography news readers choice awards, “Best Continuous Light” 2015, award!

Since it’s launch in May 2015, the Rotolight NEO has become the light of choice for photographers and videographers worldwide.  NEO included several groundbreaking, industry first features including; True Aperture Dimming™ which accurately calculates the correct aperture (F-Stop) for your subject at a given distance, Designer Fade™ mode for custom fade up / fade down.


Incredibly over 5,000+ members of the photography community submitted their confidential votes on the Photography News Awards nominating their favourite photographic products from cross the world from best professional camera body, best kit lens, to Best Continuous Lighting product.

The Rotolight NEO was up against tough competition from leading brands such as the ARRI Skypanels, but clearly stood out due to its innovative feature set and unique light quality loved by photographers and videographers worldwide.

Rotolight’s Managing Director, Rod Aaron Gammons said : “It is an incredible honour for the Rotolight NEO to have won this prestigious readers choice award for Best Continuous Light 2015, and we are extremely appreciative to the thousands of photographers who voted for us. The Rotolight NEO was years in the making and took a considerable effort to bring to market with its highly innovative and pioneering feature set, allowing photographers and videographers alike to effortless capture stunning images with soft, colour accuarate continuous LED lighting,   and it is fantastic to have our efforts recognised in this award”.

Delivering powerful performance in a compact package, NEO™ can be a secret weapon wherever a key light, fill, extra kick or catch-light is needed. Available as a single or 3 light kit, NEO™ includes a belt pouch, power supply and 4 piece Filter Pack including Diffusion, Skin Tone and Magenta.

Rotolight NEO

Commenting on the award, the Photography News Editor Will Cheung said : “The Photography News 2015 Awards seek to recognise great kit, service and training, and it is, the readers, who decide the winners. For the third year running the nominations in key product categories were decided by the team at Photography News, and from those we asked our readers to vote for what they feel deserves to win the award for best in category”.