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Celebrity photographer Mark Mann captures BAFTA-winning stars with the Anova PRO 2

Earlier this year, leading fashion and celebrity photographer, Mark Mann, utilised Rotolight’s pioneering, versatile studio and location LED, the Anova PRO 2, at Tribeca Film Festival to shoot some of the most recognisable faces in Hollywood such as John Legend, Ewan McGregor and Martin Freeman. Mann’s iconic portraits have been published internationally; appearing in some of the world’s most prominent publications like Esquire, Men’s Health and Billboard.

Regularly working in high turnaround situations, such as Tribeca Film Festival 2018, the Anova PRO 2 provides Mann with the versatility he needs to shoot both stills and video often in small studio environments; delivering an outstanding continuous output of 10,700 lux at three feet as well as a powerful High Speed Sync flash (up to 1/8000th). Even when powered all day, Rotolight LEDs remain entirely cool resulting in reduced operating costs for air conditioning and ensures both subjects and crew are comfortable on set regardless of the location.


Michael Shannon at Tribeca Film Festival, lit by the Anova PRO 2 and captured by Master of Light, Mark Mann.


The unique circular design of Rotolight’s LEDs also produces flattering catchlights, perfect for shooting intimate images like Mann’s; coupled with the naturally soft output, the Anova PRO 2 is perfect for portrait photography.

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