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Creative Spotlight: Anita Cheung

Anita Cheung is a Toronto-based wedding and family photographer whose light and airy shots capture a fantastic level of detail. Now running her own business, Rhythm Photography, Anita entered the world of professional photography seven years ago.

Anita specialises in lovely light and airy shots that span weddings, engagements, maternity and more; combining ambient and artificial light to create the best results. “An image evokes emotions and serves as a reminder of happy experiences,” says Anita. “I’m all about keeping the imagery as real and authentic as possible.”

Using the Rotolight NEO 2, Anita aims to capture all of the details of her client’s special day, not just the people. “You spend so much money on your venue and all the little beautiful details… the flowers, the table decorations, the bride’s shoes and the stationery, so I take plenty of time capturing it.”


“I take my NEO 2 to almost every wedding I shoot to capture the reception,” Anita continues. “I use it to illuminate a dark venue to give details a more three-dimensional look and bring them to life!”

 Anita recently converted to the mirrorless camera system, investing in a Sony A7RIII and A7III which she loves. “My A7RIII is so much smaller and lightweight than my old camera,” Anita comments. “Honestly the flip screen alone is reason enough to switch, but it’s also incredibly quick to focus.”  The electronic viewfinder paired with the continuous light of the NEO 2, allows Anita’s to preview her shots ahead of time.

 “I adjusted the colour temperature to match ambient lighting situation and adjusted the power output to illuminate the entire table to capture the food, menus and flowers.”


Using the adjustable colour temperature, Anita was able to mimic sunlight pouring through the window. “I used two white diffusion filters to soften the light, whilst the power and temperature were easily adjusted to balance with the room’s ambient lighting to add a soft sunset glow.” Anita explains.


Anita loves shooting weddings, and her light and airy images reflect her romantic heart. “Family is everything to me, and I absolutely believe in love at first sight,” she laughs. “That’s how I met my husband!”