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Creative Spotlight – Devaun Lennox

Devaun is a portrait, fashion and editorial photographer based in Las Vegas, Nevada, who specialises in bold, striking shots with bright backgrounds and creative styling.


Devaun first picked up a camera just two years ago, in the January of 2017 on a whim after having his eye on one for some time. “Like a lot of people, I started out shooting landscapes, macro, honestly just anything I could get my hands on,” Devaun explains. But after a few months of shooting, Devaun took his first portraits and it just clicked.


“I know a lot of people working in the fashion and textiles space, so set up my first portraiture shot with some friends,” he remembers. “I was only shooting in auto at the time, but I came away from that session knowing that this was the genre for me.”


Primarily shooting alone, Devaun values the spontaneity of his shoots and the beauty that can come out of the unplanned and unexpected. “Some of my shoots involve creative teams and extremely talented makeup artists and stylists, but most of the time it’s just me and a model,” says Devaun. “The model will bring along a suitcase of clothing and we’ll create a concept together on the fly.”


Inspired by bright, eccentric and eye-catching images by photographers such as Aleksandra Kingo (above) and graphic designers like Paul Fuentes, Devaun’s shots regularly make use of vivid complimentary colours to create a playful editorial style.


Two playful studio shots from Devaun Lennox - lit by the Rotolight Anova PRO 2



Shooting exclusively with LED lighting, Devaun discovered Rotolight through Masters of Light Jason Lanier and Emil Bilinski: “It was through them that I realised the potential of LED lighting and invested in a three-light kit of NEO 2s,” he says. “I’ve since upgraded to the Anova PRO 2, but I love being able to shoot exactly what I see. Shooting exclusively with LEDs can be a challenge, and I wanted to make sure I had the best. Rotolight are industry-leading for a reason.”


Although he’s only been shooting for two years, Devaun’s ambitions are as bold as his style. Within the next ten years, Devaun hopes to see his shots on the front of world-renowned fashion magazines, like Vogue. “I’m interested in eventually expanding and collaborating with a wider creative team, but no matter who that ends up being we have to share that same goal.”


To see more of Devaun’s work, check him out on Instagram!