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Creative Spotlight: Luke & Mandy

Boasting the wide spread of an umbrella but the light efficiency of a softbox, the new Rotolight Illuminator is perfect for replicating daylight. So we met up with husband and wife creative duo, Luke and Mandy Woodford who – up until recently – favoured the flattering effect of natural lighting to see how it could enhance their portraiture.


Luke and Mandy have been been shooting together since 2014; creating ethereal fine-art images which they’ve sold to private buyers and luxury interior designers around the world such as Laura Hammett.


Peacock hat by @lisajaynemillinery on Instagram and all styling by @shotkathrynvintage


Their work has been evolving continuously over those five years. “Mandy is the muse,” Luke says.“Everything is done together, it’s a 50/50 process between the two of us from concept to completion.”


Luke and Mandy had always used natural lighting for their photography until recently being introduced to Rotolight. Natural light was an aspect they sought for when finding shooting locations, but this was restrictive and made it hard for them to shoot in certain venues. Luke says: “There’s usually only one angle that looks the best when it comes to natural light however, Rotolight has now given us the freedom to develop and experiment.” Luke admitted that they were cautious when it came to committing to a lighting setup but have since discovered that it allows them more creative freedom.


This unique location in Haggerston, London, offered Luke and Mandy the opportunity to experiment with the Illuminator in a variety of situations.


To enable them to further replicate the flattering, wrapping effect of daylight, we shot with Luke and Mandy at a unique venue in London to show them the Rotolight Illuminator. The venue itself was fantastically eccentric with hidden treasures around every corner. The shoot was comprised of five different setups which would allow Luke and Mandy to experiment with many different themes within the venue. The combination of using naturally softer continuous lighting with the added benefit of the Illuminator’s large spread, Luke and Mandy were able to get soft and flattering results.



The Illuminator created a beautiful, soft and wide spread of light to evenly illuminate every corner of the room. The lighting situations all varied meaning they needed a light that would do the job in any location, and Rotolight did just that providing variable colour temperature and brightness. “You don’t have to worry about standing your muse in a specific place, in a specific pose as the light is soft and wraps around the subject,” Luke explains.“Equally, if it wasn’t for the illuminator, we wouldn’t be able to create the lighting that we truly want in this location which is why we jumped at the opportunity of using Rotolight.”



Certain ideas the duo had were in particularly dark corners of the room. The Illuminator managed to completely transform the environment without being too harsh and still flattering the environment. This allowed Luke and Mandy to be far more flexible and gave them more creative freedom.


Working with Rotolight has changed the way Luke and Mandy now work as a creative duo. Not having to rely on natural light, and no longer picking locations for this specific reason is a thing of the past. “The Illuminator just makes life just that little bit easier.”


The Rotolight Illuminator is available now either individually or with the umbrella bracket, and is compatible with all of our LEDs. Pre-order yours today!