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Harley-Davidson rides with Rotolight LED Lighting

Rotolight was the light of choice on Harley-Davidson’s International advertising campaign for the launch of two brand new road bikes! Award winning photographer and film-maker Benedict Campbell was entrusted with capturing Harley’s brand new ‘Street’ and ‘Road Glide’ bikes for the latest campaign. Having worked with world-renowned brands such as Nike, Jaguar and Mercedes, Campbell was well suited to the task at hand and equipped with the highly innovative Rotolight ANOVA LED Floodlight and Rotolight RL48 Ringlight.


Scheduled for two shoots; on location in Spain, and in a top secret studio in the U.S, Campbell discusses why he chose Rotolight lighting and how it helped to create such stunning results:

“The power and mobility of the ANOVA was the biggest seller for me, it’s such a light-weight unit you can hold it, so it’s great as a fill in light during the day and ideal for key lighting video or photography on location or in the studio…In fact, I do a lot of high speed video so I need lights that are portable but have enough power to light the subjects. Having the battery powered option is critical to my workflow – the ability to place the lights where ever you want is so useful”

Weighing in at just 3.5 KG, the ANOVA’s pack a punch in terms of output, using up to just 42 Watts, the innovative LED Floodlight range offers totally flicker free lighting and emits up to 3.9 kW tungsten bulb equivalent / 5938 lux at 3 feet – powered by mains or V-Lock battery as standard!

“Part of a week long shoot in Spain, we planned to capture a Harley-esque Biker BBQ on the beach with the ‘Street’ Bike” Campbell explains, “Set in the early evening we knew we didn’t have long to capture the scene before the Sun set so everything had to be in place. Just as we went to take the shot the sun went behind a cloudbank, it was critical we got the shot; I grabbed the ANOVA, reproduced the missing evening light and shone it on the subjects! It was perfect and created the exact quality needed. If we had any other light, there’s no way we would have got what we needed”

Rotolight’s LED Lighting systems offer a beautiful soft lighting source; available in either 110º or 50º beam angle, the ANOVA creates a natural ‘wrap-around’ effect and are ideal for key or fill lighting. The Bi Colour ANOVA can accurately reproduce any colour of white light from 3150K to 6300K controlled locally, by DMX or wirelessly using the Rotolight Magic Eye iPhone/iPad app.

In a studio in Portland, USA, Benedict was tasked with capturing close-up’s of the new Harley ‘Road Glide’, he explains: “We did a lot of light painting for this particular shoot, the RL48 Ringlight was extremely useful as we could get very close to the bike which enabled us to capture a lot of detail in the paintwork. The ANOVA was mainly used on a stand as the main light source to bounce into the studio and create amazing light graduation in the paintwork!

Used on Tom Hanks latest Captain Phillips, James Bond Skyfall and Disney’s Maleficent, the Rotolight RL48 ringlight delivers ‘Flicker Free’ continuous light with excellent colour rendering (CRI>91) and provides soft, diffuse lighting, the ideal light of choice to light hard to get to places as a key or fill light.

“Harley were so surprised that we used just two lights in a huge studio. They were happy with the results, and very impressed with the Rotolight’s! I love the Rotolight’s Power, Versatility & Portability.”
Benedict Campbell

Rotolight’s lighting systems are fast-becoming a household name within the industry, from lighting famous faces such as Andy Garcia and Quincy Jones to location shoots for global brands such as Maybach and Harley-Davidson – Rotolight is now the lighting source of choice.

With a growing portfolio of highly innovative LED Lighting solutions that have received well over 20 awards and accolades, it is testament to the forward-thinking ethos of the British manufacturer who is driving the LED lighting revolution for moving image and stills.


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Image credits: © Benedict Campbell Photography for Harley-Davidson

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