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Capturing emotion with Jean Noir and Peter Müller

Rotolight Masters of Light, Peter Müller and Jean Noir, connected through their love of photography on Facebook almost 6 years ago; sharing a passion for fine art portraits that capture the soul and emotion of the subject. Together, the duo founded NOIRstudio in Frankfurt four years ago. Equipped with the entire Rotolight range, their NOIRstudio acts as a space for Peter and Jean to fulfil their creative aspirations, as well as lead their own workshops to tutor others. The edgy, industrial aesthetic of the building complements both Peter and Jean’s unique shooting styles perfectly.


Jean Noir using the Rotolight AEOS in the NOIRstudio


Peter believes that colour distracts the eye and so uses continuous light to shoot almost exclusively in black and white. This way, he is able to focus on capturing the mood and soul of an image. With an emphasis on minimal retouching, Peter aims to capture a moment. “I shoot continuously like a movie – I could take 300 shots in five minutes,” says Peter. “It’s about capturing their soul and telling a story and I don’t want to miss a moment.”  Sharing similarities with the classic film noir genre, Peter’s work is full of strong contrasting shadows and elegant styling that makes his shots beautiful yet timeless.


A classic noir shot by Peter Müller


Meanwhile, Jean’s work is characterised by the creative use of props and textures which allow him to achieve unique lighting effects that play with shadows. Using the Rotolight AEOS or NEO 2 to supplement the available light in their studio, Jean Noir specialises in intimate portraits with close angles and a particular emphasis on the eyes. “My photography is really focused on colours, so having adjustable colour temperature of the light is very important to me because I can match it to the ambient light and achieve perfect tones,” says Jean. “The flash is also great even when shooting in daylight; it gives me the last kick into the eyes.”


Intimate shots using light and texture by Jean Noir – lit using the Rotolight AEOS