Master of Light Spotlight: Jason Lanier makes it rain in latest studio shoot

Across February, Rotolight Master of Light, Jason Lanier, shot a series of studio shoots that pushed his creative boundaries and were unlike anything he’s ever shot before. Running workshops in all corners of the globe, Jason specialises in quirky, themed shoots that have ranged from an abandoned Lightship on the River Thames, to an eerie gothic shoot inspired by Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride. Jason has truly mastered utilising unique locations, imaginative costumes and props to tell stories.


Model, Emily, created her costume for this shoot using only materials found at a charity shop.

Even when shooting in-studio, Jason transformed his set into an eye-catching shooting environment using a unique creative tool: water. Using the Rotolight Anova PRO 2 and AEOS in rain covers, Jason made sure that his model, Emily, was evenly lit using the continuous output; previewing precisely where the light from the flash would fall before starting the flow of water.

“I’ve been using the Rotolight LEDs in my studio work because I can quickly and easily go from shooting continuously to shooting with flash,” says Jason. “The flash was really useful on this shoot because of the zero recycle time so I had the power to capture the rain whenever I needed it.”

What Jason was able to achieve was a bold set of images reminiscent of Sin City’s gritty aesthetic that combines somber, desaturated tones with striking visuals.

The stylish, high-fashion shoot was lit using the AEOS and Anova PRO 2

But shoots like this don’t need to break the bank and are easily replicated by photographers on any budget, Jason explains. Emily’s, holographic costume was crafted entirely from items found in a Salvation Army store, and using any water can be manipulated using a hose or shower head to create a dramatic, paint-like effect similar to what Jason achieved in this shoot.

Jason will be teaching on our stand B122 at The Photography Show, as well as the wedding and portrait stage on Tuesday at 4pm, drawing from his wealth of experience to show you how you can use LED lighting to achieve results like no one else can.