Masters of Light use AEOS to illuminate their workshop in the blazing Greek sun

The scorching summer was the perfect opportunity to capture vibrant shots in a unique setting for Rotolight Masters of Light, Peter Müller and Jean Noir. In a stark contrast to their usual Frankfurt base at the edgy, industrial NOIRstudio, the creative duo travelled to the idyllic island of Paros, Greece for an intense three-day photography workshop.

Constantly on the move across the island, Peter and Jean primarily used the Rotolight AEOS for its flexibility. Weighing less than 1.5kg, the AEOS’ integrated aluminium handles make handheld use on location easy; allowing the team to easily adjust the light as participants practiced their skills.

Whilst proving unparalleled portability, the AEOS doesn’t compromise on power, even when competing with Greece’s September sun. The bright sun often plagued the participants’ images with harsh, unflattering shadows, but the AEOS, delivering 5750 lux at three feet, provided an extra fill to even out the lighting and enhance the look of shooting in bright, ambient light; providing a natural kick into the eyes with Rotolight’s signature catchlight effect.

The ‘shoot what you see’ benefits of the AEOS’ continuous output also allowed the attendees to accurately preview their shots ahead of time, and outstanding colour accuracy (CRI 96, TLCI 91) meant they were able to capture the true vibrancy of the island; perfect for shooting styles like Peter and Jean’s which favour minimal retouching.