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NEO: “Most beautiful continuous light ever!”


Multi-Award winning Photographer and Sony’s Artisan of Imagery, Jason Lanier recently tested the Rotolight NEO, an on-camera LED lighting system ideal for Portraiture, Weddings, Events and Video! Jason Lanier Said “The NEO is quite simply the most amazing, beautiful, versatile and portable continuous light I’ve ever used”

Emitting a gorgeous soft light output and Rotolight’s signature ring-light effect, the Neo is a highly portable lighting system that offers tunable colour temperature and brightness for precise lighting control. At a huge 707 Watt equivalent output, the Neo is the brightest on-camera LED Lighting system on the market, making it the ideal continuous light for your photography and video! The action packed lighting system offers Accu-Colour™ LED technology for almost perfect colour reproduction and includes never-before-seen features such as Designer Fade™ Mode and True Aperture Dimming™ that uses exposure information from the camera to accurately calculate the ideal aperture!

“The Rotolight Neo’s are quite simply the most amazing, beautiful, versatile portable continuous lights I’ve ever used. I couldn’t recommend them more highly and think that anyone who shoots portraits, weddings, or fashion photography should own multiple sets. They are also perfect for me and my videography team for our video camera lighting purposes. They are stunning lights.”

Rotolight NEO in action with Jason Lanier at the Golden Gate Bridge:

Rotolight NEO features at a glance:
True Aperture Dimming™:

NEO features a world’s first ground breaking feature. Neo uses exposure information from the camera (Shutter speed and ISO) plus distance to the subject and data from the light to accurately calculate the correct aperture (F-Stop), whilst also compensating for skin tone contrast. This allows the photographer or cinematographer to work intuitively with the light, and no longer need to meter every shot saving valuable time. As you adjust the distance from your subject, or the brightness of the Neo, you would simply re-enter the relevant settings and Neo would display the updated recommended aperture accordingly (F-STOP).

Designer Fade™ Mode:

Broadcast Video cameras typically feature an auto-fade button, whereas DSLR cameras do not. Neo for the first time allows DSLR cinematographers to create and design unique custom fade up /fade down production effects for your Video, or to seamlessly transition between scenes.

Accu-Colour™ Technology:
Best-in-class LED technology featuring an Overall CRI = 95 / 100 & near perfect skintone reproduction R15 Skintone = 99 / 100. TLCI (Television Lighting Consistency Index) = 85 / 100 Ideally suited for professional Television use.

Retailing at just £299.99 inc. VAT, the Rotolight NEO is shipping in April from Rotolight’s HQ at Pinewood Studios! Be the first to own the next generation of continuous LED lighting and secure yours now with a 10% deposit of £29.99!





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