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Newsshooter hails Rotolight AEOS as Best Lighting Device

Rotolight are pleased to crown the Rotolight AEOS as the latest winner of another award, this time from Newsshooter. As part of the highly regarded site’s Gear of the Year awards, the Rotolight AEOS was voted ‘Best Lighting Device’ by technical editor Matt Allard.


In the deliberation, AEOS beat the Kinotehnik Practilite 604 DMX, thanks to its excellent colour rendition, portability and extensive range of accessory offerings than competitors. When Matt first reviewed the AEOS back in August 2017, he summarised it as a “lightweight, power efficient, colour temperature adjustable LED light with an impressive range of features.”

The AEOS was designed for portrait photographers and videographers on the move. As a bi-colour, location LED light with a unique ‘ultra-thin’ design concept, it weighs under 1.5kg and just 1inch thick, meaning it is one of the most portable lights on the market.

“For anyone who travels a lot, weight is a constant concern. Excess baggage charges are not cheap and every pound you can save keeps more money in your pocket. This makes the AEOS a compelling solution for shooters who would like to use LED panel lights, but were perhaps using other options because they were worried about the weight”, says Matt.

He continues; “the power draw is one of the AEOS’ biggest strengths. The light draws just 42W. This is considerably less than most other 1×1 panel lights such as the Litepanels Astra 4x Bi-Color and Astra 6x Bi-Color lights which draw 110W and 105W respectively.”

Whilst offering an incredibly low power draw, the AEOS also delivers a powerful light output of 5,750 lux at three feet and can run for more than three hours at 100% power on a single 95W battery, which is more than twice as long as the industry standard.

“If you combine the lightweight nature of the AEOS with its low power draw it looks to be a good solution for news crews or shooters who travel a lot and need to keep their excess baggage to a minimum. The ability to take a light on location and be able to run it off a camera battery at full power for long periods of time using a travel-friendly battery is something that shouldn’t be taken lightly. I really like the AEOS. The low power draw is a killer feature that other companies offering similar solutions just can’t compete against. The AEOS is well priced, and the low weight, compact size, and ability to use a ball mount instead of a large yoke all help make the AEOS a very good choice for shooters who travel a lot and want to keep their gear to a minimum.”

Since Matt’s review in August 2017, we have since improved the lighting unit, to now feature an Elinchrom Skyport receiver which enables wireless triggering and remote control from up to 200m away using the Rotolight HSS transmitter.

Read Matt’s full review of the Rotolight AEOS here

See the AEOS in action with Jason Lanier: