Pro Moviemaker crowns the Rotolight Anova PRO 2 the Best Lighting Innovation of 2018

We’re delighted that Pro Moviemaker has named the Rotolight Anova PRO 2 Best Lighting Innovation for the second year running! Shortlisted as part of Pro Moviemaker’s annual Gear of the Year award, the Anova PRO 2 emerged victorious after beating the Fiilex Matrix II and Triad-Orbit through public vote.

Rotolight’s studio/ location powerhouse LED, the Anova PRO 2, is a bi-colour light that continues to redefine the standard of professional LED lighting. The fourth generation of the award-winning Anova family, the Anova PRO 2 is 70% brighter than its predecessor with an incredible output of 10,700 lux.

At Rotolight we recognised the growing convergence of video and stills and created products that cater perfectly to both mediums. Alongside the Anova PRO 2’s powerful flicker-free output, it is also is the only studio light in the world to also offer High Speed Sync flash capabilities for shooting promotional stills. Both the flash and the continuous output are colour tunable from 3150-6300K so you can match the output to your ambient lighting situation making it the perfect light for shooting on location.

Also for on-location shooting, the Anova PRO 2 has “one of the best power-to-consumption ratios” in its class. With just 72W consumption, the Anova PRO 2 is able to provide unrivalled battery life, and weighing in at just 3.1kg,[the Anova PRO 2] is very transportable and the solid design makes it a good on the road choice”.

Used by videographers and photographers across the world, the Anova PRO 2 has illuminated countless famous faces including actors like Gillian Anderson and Benedict Cumberbatch, as well as presenters such as Martin Stanford. The light of choice for Celebro Media’s studios in London, Washington and Los Angeles, the Anova PRO 2’s outstanding colour accuracy (CRI 96, TLCI 91) is naturally flattering for on-air talent and produces excellent skin tones.

Providing a number of pioneering, industry-first features, the Anova PRO 2 can also emulate various lighting effects using CineSFXTM; an industry-first suite of lighting effects built-into the light. Able to simulate gunshots, lighting and movement on an otherwise static set, CineSFXTM  has been used on the set of BAFTA-nominated Film Stars Don’t Die in Liverpool by VFX veteran Stefan Lange (Mission Impossible, Tomb Raider, Skyfall) as well as ITV’s Dancing on Ice by DoP, Chris Yacoubian.

Find out why BAFTA-winning director, Kevin Chapman, loves the Anova PRO 2 below!