Rotolight R90 Parabolic Softbox & Eggcrate

Made from a highly durable, highly reflective material, the R90 is ideal for your key light for portraiture, wedding, commercial, fashion and video applications. This state of the art 16-sided light-shaper that is ideal in both location and studio-based settings and offers stunning, soft light output with a crisp edge that lends dimension and focussed detail to the subject whilst producing natural-looking catchlights.


Comes with removable 1stop outer and 0.5 inner baffle diffusion panels, which can be combined to create a 1.5-stop diffusion level; used individually, or not at all to achieve a variety of contrast levels.

The diffuser panels are made from state of the art advanced diffuser materials to offer minimal pass through light loss.

High-quality, 40-degree fabric Honeycomb Grid is included, allowing users to fine-tune soft light in any indoor or outdoor shooting scenario.

Fast set up/breakdown – The Rotolight R90’s innovative quick-release system allows users to set up the softbox in a matter of seconds, saving time on shoot. Constructed of tough, long-lasting fabric, the R90 and R120 are designed to last, featuring high quality pocketed steel tension rods for long operational life and simple.

When combined with Rotolight’s new Universal Bowens/Elinchrom adaptor, users can mount any model of Rotolight AEOS or NEO, or alternatively any LED light featuring a 1.4” 20 thread.

Additionally as native Bowens Mount modifiers, the R90/R120 are ideal modifiers for a range of studio flash and speedlights utilizing Bowens mount, opening up creative opportunities for photographers and filmmakers and making the new modifiers a go-to choice, regardless of the user’s choice of lighting brand.

Dimensions: ø: 35.4″ / ø: 90cm