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A race against time: keeping pace with Usain Bolt


With a client like world record holder and eight-time Olympic gold-medallist, Usain Bolt, you have to work fast.


Hired by branding and marketing agency, WE ARE Spectacular to film marketing material to for the opening of the retired athlete’s London restaurant, Master of Light Adrian Weinbrecht and his team at My Perfect Cousin had their work cut out for them.


“Our brief was fairly simple actually,” says Adrian. “Get as much content as possible in the time we had.”  And they didn’t have long; just two hours with Bolt to shoot everything they needed for the campaign.


“We’ve worked with many high-profile people over the years and our approach is to keep it simple and highly organised,” Adrian continues. “Set up early, test everything, and then we can focus on getting the best from our subject by putting them at ease.”


Lit using a number of 110-degree Rotolight Anova PRO 2s, Adrian and his team opted to produce their content against the backdrop of a green screen. “The last thing you want to be worrying about when working with famous faces is whether or not your kit’s going to work,” Adrian says. “With the Anova PRO 2, I don’t have to think twice about whether it’s going to work or not. It’s extremely reliable and quick to set up and that’s exactly what you need when you have such a short time frame.” Using green screen content, WE ARE Spectacular were able to create versatile content that can be used anytime without need to worry about seasonality.


The ultrawide Anova PRO 2s have a 110-degree beam angle, perfect for evenly lighting green screens to make it as easy as possible for the post-production team to implement a change of background. “If done correctly at the time of filming it’s straightforward in post, but it needs to be lit correctly,” says Adrian. “You measure twice and cut once: if you get it right in camera, it makes things much easier in post.” Flicker-free at any framerate, the Rotolight Anova PRO 2’s continuous output is ideal for recording video of any kind; from slow-motion to fast-paced action. Also offering fully adjustable brightness and temperature from 3150-6300K as well as excellent colour accuracy (CRI 96, TLCI 96), correction in post-production is minimised.

Capturing what WE ARE Spectacular calls “a year’s worth of content during a two-hour window”, the footage gave the creative team the flexibility to extract stills and also create a series of short videos for use on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to promote the restaurant’s opening. The team also produced a bloopers reel; wanting to waste none of the footage that Adrian and the team had recorded.


Available with either an ultrawide 110-degree or standard 50-degree beam angle, the Anova PRO 2 is Rotolight’s pioneering studio/ location LED. Like Rotolight’s other award-winning products, the Anova PRO 2 provides the benefits of a powerful, flicker-free continuous output as well as High Speed Sync flash capabilities; making it the perfect creative tool for hybrid shooters.