Rotolight Anova PRO 2 named Best Lighting Innovation by BPI News

We had the honour of being awarded Best Lighting Innovation by British Photographic Industry News at The Photography Show this year!

Awarded to the pioneering studio/ location LED, Anova PRO 2, it follows in the footsteps of the Rotolight NEO 2 which won the Product of the Year award last year. As the leading trade magazine for the UK photographic industry, BPI News’ annual awards represent the pinnacle of what the UK’s photographic market has to offer.

Commenting on the Anova PRO 2 shortly after its announcement in November 2017, BPI News editor, Gavin Stoker, praised not just the substantial increase in brightness from its predecessor, but also the increased flexibility it provides creatives.

“Visibly much brighter” than the original Anova PRO, the Anova PRO 2’s 10,700 lux output is the first to provide both the shoot what you see benefits of a continuous LED alongside the added power of High Speed Sync flash with absolutely no recycle time for when you need extra power to freeze action. This dual functionality makes the Anova PRO 2 the ideal light for hybrid shooters who find themselves shooting both stills and video; eliminating the need for two separate lighting setups. Creatives are also able to utilise a host of functionality that will simplify their workflow, including fully adjustable colour temperature and brightness, and the ability to create realistic lighting effects in-camera using the built-in CineSFXTM and True Aperture DimmingTM.

Already, the Anova PRO 2 has illuminated countless famous faces in the hands of renowned celebrity photographers like Mark Mann and Greg Gorman. Actors like Benedict Cumberbatch, Gillian Anderson and Peter Dinklage are just a few examples of the stars who have been lit using the Anova PRO 2.

Find out why Hollywood photographer Mark Mann favours the Anova PRO 2 as his light of choice below!