Rotolight illuminates vintage Ferrari in a stylish London shoot

Celebrating Ferrari’s rich history of luxurious vintage cars, Classic Driver took the rare 500 Superfast for a drive through London’s foggy winter streets. Captured by Alex Lawrence and his team at White Wall Media, the Rotolight NEO 2 and AEOS were used to juxtapose the vintage extravagance of the Ferrari with the modern urban sprawl of the capital in order to achieve what Lawrence calls a “Blade Runner effect”.

Working deep into a dark and rainy night in order to make the most of the quiet roads, Alex’s team had the challenge of manipulating the lighting on the moving car. “Tracking a vehicle is always tricky, especially in low light,” says Alex. “But we were also competing with the typical British fog and drizzle which had started to roll in.”

A kit of NEO 2 and AEOS LEDs provides a versatile and portable lighting setup that allows for unrivalled mobility on set; the NEO 2 able to be positioned virtually anywhere, including inside of the car to illuminate the dashboard for close-up exterior shots. Delivering 5750 lux at three feet and weighing just 1.4kg, the AEOS was perfectly suited to tracking the car’s movements and creating natural dynamic lighting on the its body. With integrated aluminium handles for easy handheld use, the AEOS makes it simple to achieve unique lighting effects from any angle. “As well as handholding the AEOS, we also used suction mounts to help with the car-to-car tracking; using one to attach the AEOS to our car, facing the Ferrari behind us, and another to mount a NEO 2 behind the driver’s head to create the mysterious silhouette.”

 To create the iconic contrasting blues and pinks synonymous with Blade Runner’s neon cityscape, Alex and his team were able to use the AEOS and NEO 2’s fully adjustable colour temperature from 3150-6300K to match the cool hues of the ambient light; with the warm pinks augmented by pre-cut gels.

“The ease of use and portability of the lights were great on a tight timescale working with moving subjects,” says Alex. “And the control we had over the output created amazing results that both the crew and the client were pleased with.”

Rotolight’s entire range of award-winning LEDs offer the ‘shoot what you see’ benefits of a powerful continuous output for stills and video, as well as the added power of a High Speed Sync flash (up to 1/8000th) to freeze action.

Our compact secret weapon, NEO 2 is nominated for Best On-Camera Flash in the Photography News awards this year – voted for by you!  You can support us with your vote here.