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Rotolight NEO 2 “makes conventional flashguns redundant”

The Rotolight NEO 2 has been recognised in TechRadar’s list of 2019’s best camera accessories; featured at the top alongside industry giants such as RØDE and Blackrapid.


Making “conventional flashguns pretty much redundant”, the NEO 2 is the very first on-camera LED to offer both the shoot what you see benefits of a continuous output with the added power of flash. Functionality is bolstered by the further option of high speed sync shooting and built-in Elinchrom Skyport receiver,” says TechRadar. “How many regular flashguns can claim all this? Precisely zero.”



One of the world’s leading technology publications, TechRadar hailed the NEO 2 as “game-changing”, praising the control the NEO 2 provides users. TechRadar noted its bi-colour output which allows for fully tuneable brightness and colour temperature from 3150-6300K meaning you can match it to the ambient light.


Offering zero recycle time and firing up to 85,000 flashes on just one set of rechargeable AA batteries, the NEO 2 is the ultimate secret weapon for capturing those moments you can’t afford to miss.


The Rotolight NEO 2 has been recognised by a host of industry experts, including voted as Best On-Camera Flash by readers of Photography News earlier this year, praised for the ways in which, unlike other on-camera lights, its dual functionality benefits photographers and videographers alike. Photography News editor, Will Cheung, said in his review: “The NEO 2 is a clever innovation and a high-quality dual lighting source. It will suit photographers who shoot video and stills and want to travel with just one light source – it can be a continuous light one instant and a flash the next.”


The NEO 2 also provides creatives with an arsenal of industry-first innovations including CineSFXTM, a suite of customisable lighting effects that allow you to simulate a variety of FX at a moment’s notice, including fire flickers, lightning strikes and emergency service lights. Whereas this would have previously required hiring a flicker-box and staff to operate it, the NEO 2 allows you to produce effects at the touch of a button. Flicker-free at absolutely any frame rate, the NEO 2 is the ideal tool for hybrid shooters.