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Rotolight Titan™ X2 now shipping after unprecedented demand

Rotolight Titan X2

Rotolight’s latest lighting innovation, the Titan™ X2, has now begun shipping globally after receiving incredible pre-order demand from leading rental houses, broadcasters and cinematographers around the world.


180 Titan X2s ready to ship from our headquarters at Pinewood Studios, UK.


A ground-breaking LED soft light, Titan™ X2 redefines the standard of cinematic lighting, utilising state of the art RGBWW technology to provide unparalleled light output, outstanding colour accuracy and a suite of industry-first features. With patent pending SmartSoft™ technology, lighting professionals can now electronically adjust the light’s diffusion, focus and spread; providing unrivalled control whilst eliminating the need for gels. Titan™ X2 exemplifies ease of use and saves time on set, featuring a toughened LCD touchscreen display with an intuitive, fast and responsive user interface.

Leading DoPs and cinematographers around the world have been putting Titan™ X2 through its paces on set including Tom Townend, (Harry Brown, Attach the Block, You Were Never Really Here) as “a quantum leap ahead of anything else I’ve seen”. VFX veteran, Stefan Lange (Mission Impossible, Tomb Raider, Skyfall), also commented: “I love the fall off of this light. The Titan™ X2 is so well thought out, it’s a joy to use and distinctly different from anything else on the market.”

Titan™ X2 is now available to rent and purchase from some of the world’s leading rental houses and integrators; who have been unanimous in their feedback: The Titan™ X2 is upping the ante; offering our clients a very unique tool to work with. Coupled with being the brightest-in-its-class, the Titan™ X2 is a powerful and versatile lighting solution for the cinematic and production industry,” says Ken Thasan, Sales and Marketing Manager at HD Source, Canada.


Ken Thasan of Hd Source, Canada with the worlds first production unit of the Titan X2.


 “We’ve been showing Titan™ X2 to leading studios, broadcasters and filmmakers, and we’ve already had a significant amount of interest” said Director of Product and Expendable Sales Thomas Augusta, Barbizon Lighting Company. “The Titan™ X2 is a very exciting new technology in the LED lighting space.  We’ve already placed orders for our New York showroom and look forward to a successful year ahead with the product”.