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Creative Spotlight: Rob Pugh

  Portrait and wedding photographer, Robert Pugh, always knew that a desk job just wasn’t for him. Photography had always been a huge part of his life growing up, so it was only natural that he would choose it as a full-time career. Having left the armed forces in search of a new adventure, Rob […]

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Lighting that won’t let you down: using LEDs for commercial shoots

Advertising photographer and Rotolight Master of Light, Wes Kroninger is no stranger to high turnaround environments; working alongside international clients with high expectations. Based out of Long Beach, California, Wes has travelled across the United States to campaigns for Rolling Stone, AVEDA and The Home Depot. Wes has received two American Advertising Awards (ADDYs) as […]

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Creative Spotlight: Timothy Baur

  Sleek, smooth, sexy; few things embody luxury like the glistening finish of a polished car. For automotive photographers like Timothy Baur, it’s all about capturing something elegant, glamourous and dramatic.   Tim has 36 years of experience as a professional photographer and director under his belt. His passion for photography was ignited when he […]

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