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Pioneering Titan™ X2 named Lighting Innovation of 2019

  We’re delighted that the brand new Titan™ X2 has been named Best Lighting Innovation of 2019 by Pro Moviemaker! After a rigorous public vote as part of their Gear of the Year Awards, the Titan™ has emerged victorious, and it was made possible by you! When Editor-In-Chief, Adam Duckworth, got hands-on with the Titan™, […]

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Basic cinematography lighting techniques and how to make the most of them

  Lighting is a vital narrative tool in filmmaking. It sets a mood and directs attention; good lighting tells a story all on its own. But even so, why is so much effort put into lighting a scene? Why can’t we just use ambient lighting (also known as practical lighting)?   This is because cameras […]

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Pro Moviemaker crowns the Rotolight Anova PRO 2 the Best Lighting Innovation of 2018

We’re delighted that Pro Moviemaker has named the Rotolight Anova PRO 2 Best Lighting Innovation for the second year running! Shortlisted as part of Pro Moviemaker’s annual Gear of the Year award, the Anova PRO 2 emerged victorious after beating the Fiilex Matrix II and Triad-Orbit through public vote. Rotolight’s studio/ location powerhouse LED, the […]

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Newsshooter praises the Anova PRO 2 as “at the top of your list” for hybrid shooters

Matthew Allard, ACS accredited cinematographer and Newsshooter technical editor, recently tested the Rotolight Anova PRO 2 in an in-depth review; praising the multitude of features that it offers a broad variety of creatives. Matt notes in particular the Anova PRO 2’s best-in-class power draw which allows shooters to optimise their time on location: “The light […]

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Rotolight closes the year with two more awards for product innovation!

We’re overjoyed that both our revolutionary studio light, Anova PRO 2, and ultra-portable location light, AEOS, have been awarded Product Innovation accolades from well-respected publications in the broadcast industry. Now in its sixth year, the Product Innovation Awards recognise excellence in products for the television, professional video, radio and online audio industries. Winners are selected […]

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Unleash spur of the moment creativity with CineSFX

CineSFX allows you to quickly create realistic lighting FX

With the help of Master of Light and VFX veteran, Stefan Lange (Mission Impossible, Tomb Raider, Skyfall), Rotolight developed an industry-first suite of customisable lighting FX for filmmakers that eliminates the need to hire expensive, complex flicker-boxes. Featured in the NEO 2, AEOS and Anova PRO 2 LEDs, CineSFXTMallows you can simulate fire, lighting, gunshots […]

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