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Illuminating the stars: Greg Gorman captures the incredible Grace Jones

  Supermodel, singer, songwriter, producer and actress, Grace Jones is undeniably an icon. A strong character whose androgynous yet bold appearance took the 70s and 80s by storm and seen as a staple of the dance movement, Grace was honoured with a Q Idol Award in 2008 and named one of the top 50 dance […]

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Master your lighting with renowned fine art, portrait and celebrity photographer Greg Gorman

  Shooting some of Hollywood’s most recognisable faces with a career that spans over four decades, there are few more experienced with tight deadlines and high expectations than Master of Light, Greg Gorman. Greg started out shooting movie posters like, Tootsie, The Big Chill and Scarface, and more recently Pirates of the Caribbean, Transformers and […]

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10 Famous Photographers That Will Inspire You to Create

Photography has evolved at such an incredible rate since the first photo was taken almost 200 years ago.   The first ever photo took an amazing eight hours to expose, which was then shortened to just 15 minutes by Louis Daguerre in 1839.   Now we can take a picture on our phones or cameras […]

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Beginners Tips for Portrait Photography Lighting

  Without light, a photo simply can’t exist. It’s the foundation from which every photo is built.   However, understanding how to light a shoot is just as hard as mastering your camera, but it’s often overlooked by many photographers.    No two pictures are lit in exactly the same way. Light bounces and reflects off different surfaces, creating unique contrasts […]

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Master of Light illuminates the legendary Elton John for his world tour

Elton John captured by award-winning photographer and Master of Light, Greg Gorman

  Most recently gracing our screens in the John Lewis Christmas advert, Sir Elton John is one of the most celebrated musicians of our time. Now embarking on his three-year long Farewell Yellow Brick Road tour, Rotolight Master of Light and photographer Greg Gorman, was entrusted with shooting the promotional material which would be seen […]

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