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Beginners Tips for Portrait Photography Lighting

  Without light, a photo simply can’t exist. It’s the foundation from which every photo is built.   However, understanding how to light a shoot is just as hard as mastering your camera, but it’s often overlooked by many photographers.    No two pictures are lit in exactly the same way. Light bounces and reflects off different surfaces, creating unique contrasts […]

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Masters of Light use AEOS to illuminate their workshop in the blazing Greek sun

The scorching summer was the perfect opportunity to capture vibrant shots in a unique setting for Rotolight Masters of Light, Peter Müller and Jean Noir. In a stark contrast to their usual Frankfurt base at the edgy, industrial NOIRstudio, the creative duo travelled to the idyllic island of Paros, Greece for an intense three-day photography […]

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Using light to create emotion with Masters of Light Jean Noir and Peter Müller

  Rotolight Masters of Light, Peter Müller and Jean Noir, connected through their love of photography via Facebook now five years ago; later realising that they lived less than 20 miles away from each other. Together, they founded NOIRstudio in Frankfurt three years ago as a space for them to work creatively, both together and […]

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