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Rotolight Titan™ X2 and Anova PRO 2 nominated for FOUR Gear of the Year Awards

  We’re delighted to announce that the new Rotolight Titan™ X2 and Anova PRO 2 have both been nominated for a total of four Gear of the Year awards from Pro Moviemaker! Nominated for the Launch of the Year, Lighting Innovation and Innovation of the Year awards, the Rotolight Titan™ X2 is a ground-breaking 2 […]

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Creative Spotlight: Fire and Ice

  Fire and Ice are a team of eight UK-based creative wedding photographers and videographers who specialise in capturing their clients’ special days across the globe, from Europe to the United States. Owned by Christian and Yaky, a husband and wife duo who originally met though a photographic group on Facebook, the Fire and Ice […]

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Creative Spotlight: Naïve Studio

 Founded in 2006 by Jon Edwards, Naïve Studio started as a platform for Jon’s freelance photography and film that he was shooting alongside his day job as a graphic designer, until 2013 when he decided to enter a  short action sports film into the Sony Pro Production Awards. “I never thought the film would get […]

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Basic cinematography lighting techniques and how to make the most of them

  Lighting is a vital narrative tool in filmmaking. It sets a mood and directs attention; good lighting tells a story all on its own. But even so, why is so much effort put into lighting a scene? Why can’t we just use ambient lighting (also known as practical lighting)?   This is because cameras […]

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Camera Jabber praises the NEO 2 as “easier to work with” than a traditional flashgun

Master of Light, Peter Muller, using the Rotolight NEO 2

After extensively testing the NEO 2 in her own work, Angela Nicholson’s most recent review for Camera Jabber notes the portability and the functionality it offers hybrid shooters. Rotolight’s compact on-camera LED, the NEO 2 is a flexible creative tool for photographers and videographers; offering both a continuous output of 2000 lux at three feet […]

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Newsshooter praises the Anova PRO 2 as “at the top of your list” for hybrid shooters

Matthew Allard, ACS accredited cinematographer and Newsshooter technical editor, recently tested the Rotolight Anova PRO 2 in an in-depth review; praising the multitude of features that it offers a broad variety of creatives. Matt notes in particular the Anova PRO 2’s best-in-class power draw which allows shooters to optimise their time on location: “The light […]

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Master of Light helps artist chronicle the captivating tale of InterContinental®

To celebrate opening their 200th hotel, InterContinental commissioned London-based artist, Alexander Hall, to create an incredible sculpture that commemorates their success as a pioneer for luxury travel over the last 72 years. The sculpture consists of 200 individually painted champagne bottles; each paying homage to the individual cultures around the world. Portraying the intertwined artistic […]

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Unleash spur of the moment creativity with CineSFX

CineSFX allows you to quickly create realistic lighting FX

With the help of Master of Light and VFX veteran, Stefan Lange (Mission Impossible, Tomb Raider, Skyfall), Rotolight developed an industry-first suite of customisable lighting FX for filmmakers that eliminates the need to hire expensive, complex flicker-boxes. Featured in the NEO 2, AEOS and Anova PRO 2 LEDs, CineSFXTMallows you can simulate fire, lighting, gunshots […]

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Rotolight Anova PRO 2 named Best Product of 2018 by Videomaker

We’re delighted to announce that the Anova PRO 2 has been awarded Best Product of 2018 in the lighting category by Videomaker for the versatility it offers both videographers and photographers alike. Adding to the Anova PRO 2’s existing awards such as Studio Daily’s Best of Show at NAB and Pro Moviemaker’s Gear of the […]

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Master filmmaker highlights the importance of mental health awareness

Simeon Quarrie

  Rotolight are proud to be able to share the story of championship freediver, Helena Bourdillon, produced by Master of Light, Simeon Quarrie, and his team at VIVIDA. 1 in 6 people worldwide have experienced a common mental health issue in the past week alone; affecting people from all walks of life. Helena first developed […]

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