Via USB Drive


Download the latest firmware onto a USB stick from

Please note that some browsers will require you to unzip the file prior to installation.

‘update.bin’ must be the only file on your USB to avoid any conflicts with the update.


Connect the power cable & leave the unit in “off” mode.


Insert the USB into the port located on the rear of the unit.


Press in and hold down the left & right red buttons and switch the power on.


The home icon will light up. You can let go of the red buttons.


The Flash icon will flicker, then the DMX icon and lastly the SFX icon.


The Rotolight logo will appear and the version number will be displayed to confirm its loaded.

24.11.2020Rotolight titan v080_v165update file
04.02.2020Titan User Manual v1.0download PDF
28.07.2020Luminaire InstructionsLuminaire PDF
28.07.2020Titan DMX MappingDMX Mapping XLS

This is a major upgrade to the Titan system and requires a two part upgrade process.

(1) Firstly , download ‘CRMX Toolkit’ APP from the App Store onto your phone.

Programming instructions:

To enable the new LumenRadio wireless DMX features you first need to update the LumenRadio firmware as follows:

1) Using an iPhone or iPad go to the Apple App store and download the free ‘CRMX Toolbox’ app.

2) Power on your Titan and run the app.

3) Select ‘Connect Device’ on the app and select the name corresponding to your Titan from the list of available TimoTwo devices.

– On old Titans the device name may appear as ‘TimoTwo’.

– Newer Titans should already have the name ‘Rotolight Titan’

4) Once you have connected to the device check that you have the latest firmware version installed.

  At the time of writing the latest firmware version is

5) If necessary click – update firmware – and follow the instructions on the app.

6) Once programming is complete you can go into the ‘Device Settings’ page and change the name of your Titan to ‘Rotolight Titan’ or your preferred name as required.

In the APP ‘CRMX Toolkit’ Your device settings page should look as shown below:

Note: To avoid getting locked out of your Titan bluetooth interface we do not recommend setting the pin code on this release of the firmware. We will add support for resetting the pin code in the next firmware update.

This completes the update of the wireless firmware – now we will update the main Titan electronics firmware as follows:

8) For GUI boards already running V039 or later: go straight to step 9.

9) Take a copy of the file ‘201120_ TitUpd V080_165.bin’ and rename it as ‘update.bin’

10) Put the ‘update.bin’ file on a USB memory stick and plug the stick into the Titan USB port.

11) Power the unit down,  hold down the left & right buttons then switch-on keeping those buttons held down until the Home and Sys touch buttons light up.

12) After about 30 seconds the Titan splash screen should appear – showing the V065_139_1 version number.

13) After a few seconds the ‘Updating’ progress bar should appear.

14) If the progress bar does not appear or the unit hangs at the Rotolight splash screen, cycle the power again. This time you should see the progress bar.

15) Wait until the progress bar shows the update has finished and the Titan returns to the Home screen.

16) Go to the Sys/Settings page and select ‘Factory Reset’ and ‘Yes’.

What’s New in Titan Firmware V80_165:

GUI Improvements:

0) Added Flash functionality

1) New ability to touch-to-select parameters for knob adjustment without requiring knob push-turns.

2) Added Exponential / Linear brightness control for finer adjustment of low-end brightness.

3) Added GUI synchronisation with adjustments made via Elinchrom remote control.

4) SFX controls now remain in place when an SFX is deselected.

5) Customised some menus for TitanX1

6) Greyed-out non-functioning SYS menu items.

7) Changed name of Manual flash duration control to ‘TrigSync’.

8) Adjustable DMX smoothing – for smoother fades when using low framerate DMX controllers.
Driver Improvements:

8) Added automatic correction for minor 0% clear diffuser green shift to 0.0 shift (perfectly neutral). 

9) Added support for Rotolight wireless DMX transmit and receive

10) Added support for RotoClone ability to seamlessly control multiple Titans from one master light.
11) Titan can now network with Anova, Aeos and Neo.
12) Added Sync-SFX option – allowing SFX to be synchronised across multiple lights.
13) Temporarily reverted to ‘Apollo’ Elinchrom ID while we wait for Elinchrom to add Titan names to their firmware.
14) Updated greyscale calibration for greater accuracy
 Faster update of DMX status live signal information – including new SFX status

– Re-designed DMX / in-out page for easier operation 

– Faster menu transitions for more snappy performance.

– Fixed out-of-gamut XY crash bug

– Restructured internal GUI code for greater robustness and ease of expansion

Bug fixes:
15) Reduced screen glitching during fades between pages and when using CCT slider (still not 100% but better)

16) Fixed a driver bug which was preventing speed adjustment in some SFX modes.

17) Fixed a driver bug where a DMX trigger event crashed the FIRE sfx mode.

18) Fixed a driver bug which caused wrong CCT to be set when DMX Smoothing and other settings were adjusted while receiving a DMX signal.19) Fixed a driver bug which prevented the PWM registers being updated when poked via the serial interface (implications for Richard’s cal software)

Known Bugs / Issues which will be fixed very soon:

– GUI Serial number is not being displayed – this will be fixed in next release

– xy mode over DMX not working – coming soon.

– In RotoClone mode, the DMX Status brightness display does not match master brightness display.

– Chase SFX speed and floor not working

– Want to display a warning dialog if USB update fails eg. due to incorrect format memory stick.

– Want to add continuously variable flash duration adjustment mode.

– Still working on improving the smoothness of low-end greyscale in driver firmware.