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The innovative Titan X2  “a game changer” says B&H

The latest review of the Titan X2 comes from photo-video giant, B&H, where Steven Gladstone got hands-on with our new 2×1 soft light to see for himself the incredible functionality it provides.



A light “without compromise”, the Titan X2’s features are engineered to save both time and money on set and revolutionise the way in which lighting professionals are able to work. Particularly blown away by the Titan X2’s “jaw-drop feature”, SmartSoft™ electronic diffusion technology, Steven explains: There’s no more swapping diffusion gels; just dial-in the amount of diffusion that you want. It is pretty stunning when you think about it.” Easily adjustable, SmartSoft™ provides up to two stops of diffusion without the need for gels; affecting not just the diffusion but also the focus and spread of the output. 



“The Titan X2 hasn’t overlooked the details in its pursuit of features,” Steven adds.“It is beautifully built and looks to be rugged as all get-out.” Designed to be the perfect companion for many years of reliable service, the Titan X2 is hand built and calibrated to aerospace standards. “There really isn’t any fluff on the Titan X2. It is designed to last, and last, and last,” he says.


Steven continues: “Rotolight has chosen to overbuild it so it will last, rather than make compromises. So much technology has been built into the light, and it can do so much, it just makes sense that the designers didn’t skimp in any area. I’m glad to see Rotolight bring its innovations to that market.”



The Rotolight Titan X2 challenges traditional workflows with its functionality, while its best-in-class brightness and light aperture – coupled with a specially engineered PentaChromic Colour Engine™ – ensures the results you need every time.


Steven concludes: “I could easily see this becoming my go-to light for many applications. The variable diffusion may just be a game changer. It is a neat bit of engineering, and a smart application of technology.”