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Rotolight Titan X2 is the new “the gold standard” for cinematic lighting says Newsshooter

After rigorous hands-on testing, freelance Director of Photography and Editor for Newsshooter, Matt Allard ACS, summarised his thoughts of the Rotolight Titan X2 an incredible in-depth and technical review.

 Rotolight’s newest groundbreaking LED, the Titan X2 represents a new era in cinematic lighting and boasts an innovative feature set and industry-first functionality. In fact, Matt praised the Titan X2 as “one of the most impressive lights I have ever reviewed (and I’ve reviewed a lot of lights!)”.

 “Rotolight has paid so much attention to small details that you can see that this light was well thought out and designed,” Matt says. “The interface and operating system are the best I have seen and making changes to the light is straightforward and intuitive.” Engineered to save time and money on even the most demanding of sets, Titan is the first 2×1 soft light to feature a touchscreen interface to ensure users are able to access key features quickly and easily at the touch of a button. Rotolight’s touchscreen interface is the gold standard for which all other lights should now be judged against,” says Allard. 


Image by Matt Allard ACS


On its industry-first features, including Rotolight’s SmartSoft™ electronic diffusion technology, Matt comments: “The Titan X2 is a very versatile lighting tool that combines functionality, useful features, great usability, a good amount of output, all without affecting colour accuracy. 

“Too often I have seen lights where they have concentrated too much on features and gimmicks which have come at the expense of the quality of light. With the Titan X2, Rotolight has managed to produce a light that doesn’t compromise on anything”.


Image by Matt Allard ACS.


As the brightest 2×1 light on the market, yet with no added weight or compromise on colour accuracy, the Titan performs excellently across the entire CCT spectrum from 3000-10,000K as well as the full RGB colour gamut. So do the scores from the Titan X2 translate into real-world performance? The simple answer is yes,” says Matt. 

So how does the Titan compare with other fixtures on the market? “If you have been looking at a Litepanels Gemini or an ARRI SkyPanel, the Titan X2 is a light you should also be seriously considering. While both the ARRI and Litepanels options are both very good lights, the Titan X2 is better in a lot of ways. 

The Titan X2 ticks a lot of boxes, and in my opinion, it is currently the best high end 2×1 RGBWW light on the market.”



He concludes: This is the first light I have used that feels like it is from the future. The whole design and operating interface make it seem like it is far more advanced than many other lights. The Titan X2 is one of the best-built lights I have seen so far. Everything on the Titan X2 is first class.”