Using light to create emotion with Masters of Light Jean Noir and Peter Müller


Rotolight Masters of Light, Peter Müller and Jean Noir, connected through their love of photography via Facebook now five years ago; later realising that they lived less than 20 miles away from each other. Together, they founded NOIRstudio in Frankfurt three years ago as a space for them to work creatively, both together and as individual artists. The pair also use the space to lead workshops with ambitious photographers, who travel from all over Europe to learn from the talented duo.

Introduced to Rotolight by fellow Master of Light and celebrity photographer, Greg Gorman, Peter and Jean have since equipped their NOIRstudio with the entire Rotolight range; from the compact NEO 2 to the super-portable AEOS and the pioneering Anova PRO 2.

Both Peter and Jean are renowned for their equally unique styles; Peter shooting primarily in black and white in-camera, and Jean experimenting with shaping light to create striking shadows and patterns.

All Rotolight LEDs offer a powerful continuous output with adjustable brightness and colour temperature (3150-6300K), as well as a High Speed Sync flash with zero recycle time; their versatility enhancing both Peter and Jean’s shooting styes.  “I shoot continuously like a movie – I could take 300 shots in five minutes,” says Peter. “It’s about capturing their soul and telling a story and I don’t want to miss a moment.”

 “My photography is really focused on colours, so having adjustable colour temperature is very important to me because I can match it to the ambient light,” contrasts Jean. “The flash is also great even when shooting in daylight; it gives me the last kick into the eyes – it’s just what I need.”

 It’s important for me to be able to rely on my lighting setup and it doesn’t matter which light I’m using, the Rotolights are the best tools for my work.” Peter concludes.

Check out how they shoot with Rotolight’s award-winning range of LED lighting here: