Using one lighting setup to shoot both stills and video with the Anova PRO 2

The Aveda Institute, owned by Estée Lauder, train the next generation of cosmetologists; specialising in modern, stylish makeup and haircuts.

Shooting for their recent hair competition, Rotolight Master of Light, Wes Kroninger, was brought on board to create high-quality, striking images as well as fun and fluid video clips for use on social media to showcase their work.

“I searched everywhere to find a lighting solution that would let me light the stills I needed at the same time being able to shoot video without having to re-light the entire set or move to a different studio,” Wes recalls. “The Anova PRO 2 allows me to use a transmitter to have the lights strobe and then quickly and easily switch over and shoot video using the continuous mode.

 “When I would run my modelling lamps all day we had to crank the AC up to keep the models cool, so there would be no shininess coming through their makeup. LEDs work really great to keep the studio cool so we’re not constantly having to touch up.”

Providing a powerful output of 10,700 lux at three feet, the Anova PRO 2 provides a versatile lighting solution that allows users to compose the perfect shot in seconds. “It’s one solution to solve multiple problems. I can set the lights at 4100K, dial it into my camera and it’s perfectly white balanced every time,” Wes says. “With zero recycle time, I don’t have to wait for my lights to refresh, I can shoot at the pace I need to and I don’t miss any important shots.”