Using Rotolight to transform a chapel into a horror set with Master of Light, Jason Lanier

This Halloween, we took Master of Light, Jason Lanier, to a gorgeous chapel in Fitzrovia, London, for a shoot inspired by Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride. Burton’s films are characterised by their gothic set-pieces and distinct, animated characters which we mimicked with the help of a makeup artist who gave the models a phantasmal hue to their skin and skeletal face paint.

A selection of NEO 2, AEOS and Anova PRO 2 LEDs were used to rapidly transform the gorgeous chapel into an eerie backdrop for our corpse bride and groom. The compact design of the NEO 2s allowed them to be positioned at the back of the chapel and diffused, whilst the Anova PRO 2s were equipped with blue gels to together cast an ethereal glow on the walls. NEO 2s were also positioned beneath the bride’s dress to add a subtle radiance to her skirt to emphasise her ghostly appearance.

“If you use flash here, there’s a lot of reflective surfaces like marble so you’re going to get a lot of bounce-back,”says Lanier. “The thing with using continuous lighting is I can preview my shots before I take them and treat this similarly to how a cinematographer would treat shooting a movie.”

The unique circular design of Rotolight LEDs produced natural catchlights; further augmented by Jason using an eye light to capture emotive shots that told a story and, despite the number of LEDs being used to transform the chapel, the entirely cool bulbs meant that the models and crew remained comfortable throughout the four-hour shoot.