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Vote for Rotolight in the Photography News awards 2018!

Behind the scenes with Master of Light Terry Donnelly shooting with the NEO 2 and Anova PRO 2

We’re delighted that both our compact secret weapon, the NEO 2, and our revolutionary studio/location light, the Anova PRO 2, have been nominated for the Photography News awards 2018 which will be decided by your votes!

The NEO 2 is our compact lighting solution that delivers big results; nominated for the Best On-Camera Flash. The world’s first on-camera, bi-colour LED with both a continuous output and High Speed Sync flash capabilities, the NEO 2 delivers 2000 lux in continuous mode whilst the flash offers up to 500% more power. The NEO 2 has been recognised by Amateur Photographer, Practical Photography and also twice previously by Photography News in 2015 and 2017.

Nominated for the Best Continuous Light award, the Anova PRO 2 continues to redefine the standard for professional LED lighting. The light of choice for celebrity photographer and Master of Light, Mark Mann, the Anova PRO 2’s powerful output of 10,700 lux and HSS flash capabilities make it perfect for shooting both stills and video; especially in high turnaround environments.

“It’s great that both the NEO 2 and the Anova PRO 2 continue to be recognised by leading publications for the benefits they offer creatives of every skill level,”says Rotolight’s managing director, Rod Aaron Gammons. “It was fantastic that the public voted for us in the Innovation award last year, and we hope the public will vote for us again this year too!”

Head to questions 17 and 20 here to vote!
Voting closes February 22nd 2019.